Silver Flitter Duckwing
A very beautiful colour is the silver flitter duckwing. It was also selected in Germany between World War I and II. Concerning the breed type, Silver flitter duckwings – and Silver flitter browns, for that matter – especially due to their low tail carriage have had a rather different type for years. During the last decades, German breeders abandoned this type and started selecting specimens with a higher tail carriage.  This is why the Dutch decided to discontinue the old distinction that classified the gold and silver flitters as German types and to now require the same ‘Dutch’ type as requested in the remaining colour varieties.
Silver flitters have the same pattern as the Gold flitters. The difference consists in the background colour. In the cock, all gold and red hues are replaced by silver white. The hen has a silver white neck and a steel grey background colour. The flitter pattern is silver white with a strong shine. The hen’s breast is salmon.

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