The American Leghorn
The American type of the Leghorn is about as big as the Dutch type, but looks more ornamental, thanks to their rich plumage and to the cock’s splendid male feathering in neck, saddle and tail. Comb and wattles are relatively small in relation to the size of the body, and very refined in texture, with a long comb blade. The cock’s single comb stands erect, while the hen’s comb is lopped and falls over on one side. The rose comb variety is also recognised, with the comb’s spike protruding beyond the back of the skull. The eyes are orange red brown rather than orange red as in the Dutch type, the ear-lobes are white and the shanks yellow.
The cock weighs between 2.25 and 3.5 kg, the hen between 2 and 2,75 kg. The bantam cock is 700 to 800 g and the bantam hen is 600 to 700 g.
The only colour variety allowed in this breed type is the white. The bantams however are also recognised in the buff colour.


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