The English Leghorn
This is the largest variety among all Leghorns, with a higher posture and much coarser comb and wattles while the back is rather steep, especially in cocks. In proportion to the rest the tail is rather small and is carried folded together, especially in the hen.
The eye, ear and shank colour are the same as in the Dutch Leghorn type, while the comb is strictly required to be a single one, carried erect in the cock and lopped to one side in the hen.
The breed is only recognised in one colour, which is white. The bantams however are also recognised in the black colour since 2006.
The weight required for the cock is 3 to 3.25 kg, and for the hen 2.25 to 3 kg. The bantam cock will weigh 800 to 900 g and the bantam hen will be 700 to 800 g.

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