The Dutch Leghorn Club
The Dutch Leghorn Club was founded on 18 January 1918 at the Avicoltura Show in The Hague.
The Dutch Leghorn Club intends to actively target as many people as possible and to awake their interest for both the standard and bantam Leghorn while preserving the breed’s characteristics. This is accomplished by means of:
- Organising the annual breeder’s convention;
- Publishing an interesting club magazine, called De Leghorn, three times a year;
- Having a club show and several district shows in the Netherlands and Belgium;
- Maintaining a web site at with lots of information about the breed;
- Co-operating with the Standard Committee of the Dutch Federation of Small Animal Breeders (KLN)
- Maintaining relationships with other breed clubs abroad.

Everyone who is interested in this breed can become a member, without necessarily being a member of a local small animal club or association.

The membership annual fee amounts to €15. A member who pays the fee by direct debit or before 1 February of each year is entitled to a discount of €2,50 from the annual fee. Included in the fee are three issues annually of club magazine and members are eligible to win the several awards made available by the Dutch Leghorn Club at shows in the Netherlands and Belg


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