A rather uncommon colour variety is pile, in Dutch called “white with red shoulders”. The English denomination was previously used in the Netherlands as well. Today it is also called white brown in the Netherlands. Genetically it is a brown pattern where all the black is replaced by dominant white. As reported by the specific literature, in colour varieties with white the Leghorn-white is dominant over black. By crossing a white Leghorn to a brown one, the outcome will be a brown Leghorn with the black replaced by white. When breeding with pile specimens only, the ‘warm’ colours will become lighter and lighter.  This is why a brown Leghorn is crossed back into pile on a regular basis. The offspring will all be pile, but the ‘warm’ colours will be restored. Unfortunately the dominant Leghorn-white can ‘leek’ thus allowing for black splashing to appear.
It is also possible to obtain pile specimens from blue brown breeding stock. These specimens are often of a lesser quality.

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